Aadhar Card Form - How to Download and Fill


It is quite important to take the notes of some points that required before you begin to fill the aadhar card form.

  1. Uppercase: You have to fill the aadhar card form only in uppercase/ capital letter. It is required because the capital letters are easy to understand and there is less chance of making mistake during whole procedure of the letter are in uppercase.
  2. Fill Clearly: It’s important not to create any kind of mess on the aadhar card form. Information results on it must be readable and clear avoid using gel ink/ink pens, always go with a ball point pen. You have to read all the relative statement clearly to avoid any adverse situation in future.
  1. Go to Google or any other search engine.
  2. Search for Aadhar Card form
  3. Click on first link given by UIDAI official website www.uidai.gov.in
  4. Your Aadhar application form PDF has been downloaded
  5. Fill the form as follows:-
  6. Ignore the columns of “Pre Enrollment ID” and UID number if you applying for first time (column 1&2)
  7. Fill your name, age, gender, date of birth (3&4)
  8. If you don’t have any proof of your date of birth then tick the declared checkbox in the age column else tick the verified checkbox in the same column(column 15)
  9. Fill your complete address (column 6)
  10. Enter the details of your father/mother/husband/wife/guardians . This column is mandatory for the applicant whose age is less then 5 years otherwise its optional (column 7)
  11. Now it’s time to verification. You will find three modes of verification on form:
    1. Documentation Based
    2. Introducer Based
    3. Head of Family Based
  12. Tick on required checkbox according to your ease
  13. If you choose the “Document Based ” then you need to give/submit the required documents(Proof of Address, Proof of Date of birth etc.)
  14. If you don’t have any document then you tick on “Introducer Based” or “Head of family based”
  15. For “Introducer based ” you need to fill the introducer Aadhaar number and for “Head of family based” you need to fill the Aadhaar number of head of your family (column 9)
  16. Read the declaration from carefully and then leave your signature/thumb print.
  17. On the second page you are provided by the list of documents you need to submit (only one from each column) if you have chose document based verification.