AAdhar Card

What is Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card is a 12 digit unique identification number that is issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data.

The data is given to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) uidai.gov.in, a statuary authority (crafted by an act of parliament) under the Ministry of Electronics and information technology for further procedure.

Aadhar Card Form

To apply for a new Aadhar Card or to make any change existing Aadhar Card, we need to fill a form that is referred as the Aadhar enrolment form.We have to fill all the details in this form in order to apply Aadhar or to make any corrections in it.

Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar Card Status tells us whether the Aadhar card has been generated or not. If we have applied for any updation then it also tells us about its progress we can easily check the Aadhar card status from official UIDAI website.


Finding or Recovering UID(Aadhar Numbers)/EID(Enrolment Number) in easiest way.

Aadhar Card Download

Download Aadhar Card with Aadhar Number,with Enrolment ID or Virtual ID(VID)

Importance of Aadhar Card:

Back in 1985, Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime minister of India, made a statement that the pedia shops in our country are providing food grain to the people but only 15 % of this food is reaching to the people that means there is over 85% of leakage is present in the system

Let us take an example of a pension scheme. Suppose that the government has provided the pension to the people of our country who are above 65 age. That means the pension benefit given by the Indian government and the people of 65 are beneficiaries. Their pension(benefits) will reach the (beneficiaries) through a middle man. Now here the two problems are.:

  1. Leakage
  2. Duplication

Suppose that the government is giving Rs. 500 as pension to the people but when the pension is proving by the middleman then only Rs 200 reaches the beneficiary that means there is a leakage in the system caused by the corrupt middleman.

Let us assume that 1000 people in the particular area of our country are eligible for this pension scheme but these corrupt middlemen are raising the number of people (only in documents) so that they can get the extra benefits and at last the extra money is pocketed by this middleman. This is known as duplicacy.

Here the government thinks that they need to solve the problem of leakage and duplicacy by giving the unique identification number to the people of our country in the form of Aadhar with this the duplication problem will be take care of “How?” The government is giving you a unique Aadhar number based on your fingerprints and eyes scan and this bio-metric data is unique for every individual so there is no chance of duplicacy of the beneficiary

To resolve the problem of leakage, the government thinks of removing the middleman from the entire procedure and deposit the amount of directly into the bank account of beneficiaries. To ensure that there is no fake account of beneficiaries, they linked to the bank account to the Aadhar Card

“ That means the two big problems get resolved only by a unique identification number is that Aadhar.”  

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